Did You Know, Patent Edition

Although it is not the anniversary of the first U.S. patent, as this article suggests, there are many facts listed that you may have never known! For instance, did you know that during the first 90 years of the patent system, "working scale models" were required for every invention? The only reason that this ceased to exist is due to space limitations. Or did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the only known U.S. president to hold a patent? Check out the article to find out what the patent was for! Here is another one- did you know that a man in Japan has 6,314 patents? 

Although these facts highlight just a few that exist within patent history, these give the impression that patents and patent illustration are very important. Look at it from this perspective. For instance, working scale models are no longer required. While patent illustrations are not exactly required, they give an idea of what the invention can do, without taking up the same space as a scale model. Illustrations help a patent and can give the patent examiner a better idea as to what the invention actually is and what it can do. Also, Abraham Lincoln seems to be held in high regard for the fact that he holds a patent. The same goes for companies that hold patents. For instance, a patent portfolio can be the difference between an investor giving money to a startup or ignoring the existence of the startup. Lastly, while it is not a race to see who can hold the most patents, it is fairly certain that holding patents give an edge to a company or person. Patents protect intellectual property and keep others from copying inventions. For example, in the instance of a court case, someone with a patent will be able to show that they have put in the effort and imagination to a product, which can give a competitive edge over someone who just simply says that they "came up with the idea."