The Future of Contacts?

As the future progresses, we see some inventions that were dreamt up and failed (so far), such as the hover board, and some inventions that were never thought up in the past at all, but that could change our lives forever. This article details the patent for a new pair of contact lenses from Google. While we have seen inventions similar to this in some sic-fi movies, "solar powered contact lenses" were not really thought about as the future when we look at movies such as "Back to the Future." 

Not only are these contact lenses solar powered, but they also have many other functions, as listed in the article. For instance, these contacts could have the ability to "monitor body temperature," "scan barcodes," and "authenticate identities when logging into devices." 

This article gives a sense of just how important patents and innovation are in the world that we live in. Without patents, intellectual property would be stolen repeatedly. Without innovation, we would live in a world with no invention and no technology.