Apple & the Future of Homes

Have you ever sat down and thought about what technology will actually be like in the future? In this new patent from Apple, found in the linked article, there seems to be technology that will make the future easier for all of us. Although Apple does not follow through on every patent, think of a world in which you walk into a room and there are no switches and no wires in the walls. Instead, there is a projector that literally, well, projects a light switch onto the wall. This "switch" will also house controls for other systems, such as the television and the air conditioning/ heating system. Think about how different this would be from what we are used to now!

Also, notice the level of detail in the patent illustration that is attached. Imagine just reading the patent. That could be confusing! Instead, we are given a patent illustration that shows exactly how the system would work. This illustration even depicts decorations in the house! The importance of a patent illustration is shown here. Without one, we would not be able to understand the patent as well as we do.