Patent Drawings & Patent Illustrators

The linked post is a short blog written by a friend in the industry. It details "why patent drawings still matter" today and just how important they really are to inventions. The blog also hits on how important it is to have an experienced patent illustrator. Read on to find out the details, but here is a short excerpt: 

"The available views of an invention may also not be sufficient to tell the story of an invention completely or well. For example, a patent applicant may be tempted to submit two perspective (i.e., 3D or isometric) views of an invention in a patent application when what’s really needed is one perspective view and a cross-sectional view taken from that perspective. A well-trained illustrator with a good imagination can work with patent applicants and their attorneys or agents to decide exactly what needs to be shown and to show only that, which makes the resulting drawings both clear and economical. By focusing only on what’s needed, a good illustrator allows patent applicants to avoid submitting lots of redundant views that contribute little to the explanation of the invention but take time and money for someone to prepare and could potentially increase the total cost of the patent application."