The Strangest Halloween Patents?

"Toy Mask" patent illustration from 1906.

"Toy Mask" patent illustration from 1906.

For the second part of our Halloween Celebration, we have found a list of 6 strange patents related to the holiday! See the featured article for the complete list.

As a few examples, there is a "Jack-o-Lantern Helmet," a "Combination Headdress and Face-mask," and a "Toy Mask" (shown above). If you look at the patent illustrations, you will see why we have labeled them as strange! 

The "Toy Mask", is essentially a patent for a "mask with movable features designed to delight and terrify. Basically, the mask itself is made of one material, while the parts, such as the eyes, are made of another material. If one would want to scare someone, all that they would have to do is blow into a pipe that is attached to the mask, and the parts, such as eyes or ears, would expand outward past the actual body of the mask. 

In the above patent from 1906 there are some serious details! Check out the hair on the man's head and the mechanism for how the features are inflated out of the mask. This shows the importance of a great patent illustration. Without one, details may be missed, such as the detail of the parts of the mask being blown outward.