The Importance of Patent Illustrations (Edition 2)

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Are you wondering if you need illustrations in your patent application? As quoted from the linked article, "whenever a drawing would assist in the understanding of an invention, you need at least one patent drawing." Illustrations serve to help you and depict your invention. 

Additionally, there are many regulations in reference to patent illustrations. For instance, there is a specified paper size, however, you can find all of the regulations in a quick Google search. The linked article also states that "because the detail of the patent drawing is what" protects "you, having a professional patent illustrator is quite wise. Without question, the best way to broaden the scope of any application is to file the application with multiple, detailed and professional drawings. The benefit received from professional patent illustration is well worth the investment."

If you are having trouble meeting all of the regulations for patent illustrations or if you want to hand your illustrations over to professionals, contact Bluebot Studios today! 

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