The Art of Patent Illustration

When thinking about a patent illustration, one might not think that it could actually be a work of art. Older patent illustrations were definitely considered art, with all of the fine details that were incorporated. Newer patent illustrations can also be considered forms of art and this article digs apart water slide patents to not only put a funny spin on them, but also to highlight some of the art that is actually going on within them. 

For instance, patent illustration number 2 features a man on a water slide going into what appears to be a shark's mouth. While the caption makes the illustration comical, the drawing is actually fairly detailed. Another example is from illustration number 10. This illustration was one of the first for water slides and is from 1927. The detail in this drawing is elaborate, from the suits that the swimmers are wearing to the hair on the swimmer's heads.

This article does a great job at showing that patent illustrations serve a purpose, but can also be seen as art. While not every patent illustration is beautiful, illustrators make sure to put the time in that is required to highlight the details that need to be there. The details help the patent examiner to decipher what the patent actually is. Therefore, the details serve a purpose, as well. Patents need to be appreciated not only as forms of protecting intellectual property, but also as forms of art that one might hang around a home.