Bluebot Studios is Celebrating 14 Years of Business!

We've passed a milestone and we're celebrating. This month marks 14 years of business for Bluebot Studios!

As we are celebrating our 14 year anniversary, we realize that we would not be where we are today without our clients. Therefore, we want to thank each of our clients for choosing us to provide their patent illustrations. Additionally, we want to thank our prospective clients for taking the time to view our website and considering the option of working with us. We look forward to working with all of our existing and new clients in the future! 

P.S. If you would like to start a project with us, you can contact us at projects@bluebotstudios.com. 

How Do You Pick the Right Patent Illustrator?

The linked article gives relevant guidelines to help you pick the right patent illustrator and talks about how important a great patent illustrator is for the future. Essentially, "its' your invention!" Pick the patent illustrator that you think can get the job done in the best manner and done according to regulations. It is also critical to make sure that the patent illustrator is experienced and focuses mainly on the patent industry. The article gives a few requirements that you should have of your illustrator, such as what programs should be used and how new these programs must be. Again, even though a patent illustrator may add to the cost of an invention, "rejection is a bigger blow at a more critical juncture." Lastly, remember that "a few more dollars today could literally save the millions you make in the future." Think about all of these factors and more that are included when picking your patent illustrator and considering whether to patent your invention or not!

Overwhelmed by Illustration Requirements?

Within this linked article, there is a fairly comprehensive list of all the requirements of a patent illustration. At first glance, the list may be overwhelming. There seems to be many requirements that a person would not think of. You may wonder, how are these even relevant to patent illustration? But, regardless, these requirements must be met.

This leads us to the importance of a patent illustrator. Without a patent illustrator who is experienced, the requirements may be somewhat met, at best. An experienced patent illustrator can be sure that the illustrations are neat, follow the rules, and meet deadlines. The illustrator can also help ensure that the illustration provides the required explanation that the patent itself needs. Always remember, if you are using illustrations, experience is a key factor in quality of work.